Frequently Asked Questions

What is evidence based treatment?
Scientific research has helped us to learn which of the many approaches to psychological treatment are likely to be effective. Evidence based treatment is treatment that has sound, systematic, empirical research supporting its effectiveness. I believe in applying the best available evidence to improve the quality of clinical care.

Is psychotherapy confidential?
Psychologists are bound by law and ethical standards to uphold your confidentiality. There are rare exceptions in which the law requires us to breach confidentiality. These exceptions to confidentiality include: if you are in danger of harming yourself or another person, if you are unable to care for yourself, if there is suspected elder, dependent adult, or child abuse or neglect, or if I am court ordered to release information.

Does your practice accept insurance?
Many insurance plans provide coverage for mental health services. While I do not bill insurance companies directly, I do provide statements that you may use to file claims. I encourage you to remain informed about your insurance coverage.

On My Bookshelf

Patients often ask me for book recommendations or take time to study the books in my office. Many world-renowned researchers have written approachable, helpful books that can be an outstanding adjunct to treatment. Here’s a sample of wonderful reading material currently on my bookshelf.

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